Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fake it til' you make it Lashes!

 Hidy ho couturettes!

Today I have some false lashes to share with you.

I purchased these from the Madame Madeline website which is

They have such a HUGE selection and brand range, which are all so very affordable.

I spent a total of $31.89 AUD and I got a free gift which was an extra pair of the lashes that I ordered which was a great surprise. In addition to this I got an 8% off coupon on my next purchase.

You can see a listing of the range below.

First up I got a 4 pack of the Eylure Katy Perry Lashes, which included;
*1 pair of Cool Kitty
*1 pair of Oh, honey!
*1 pair of Sweetie Pie
*1 pair of Oh, my!
*2 tiny 1g lash adhesive tubes
These were $19.95 AUD. A good bargain considering in Australian stores they retail for $12.99/pair! My favorite have to be the Cool Kitty lashes I wore them only just recently to a fancy dress party as the Queen of Hearts - was lots of fun! I posted a photo on my Instagram check it out below! If you would like to check out more photos or follow me for regular beauty/fashion updates follow me @mystylecouture
I have another 1920s fancy dress coming up so I'm thinking of wearing the crazy Oh, My! lashes - stay tuned to my instagram for a pic of my costume hair and makeup early Nov!
The next brand of lashes I wanted to stock up on were the Red Cherry lashes. These are very very affordable and by the same token quality for the price you pay. I know this is a popular brand among youtubers and beauty gurus alike.
All these sets of Red Cherry lashes were $1.99 AUD.
I have very fair, fine, short lashes naturally so whatever I get do to boost them for special occasion makeup or makeup for a night out is a plus. Personally I prefer demi lashes - which means the lashes graduate from shorter in the inner corner of the eye to longer at the outer corner/edge of the eye. I think this is more flattering for people with smaller lashes. You will see below pics of all the lashes I ordered with all the links to them on the madame madeline website. I ordered numbers 1, 110, 213, 138 and 103. As you can see they are not very full lashes as such, as I think the fuller ones would be a lot less subtle on myself and would look silly! 






See pic below of me wearing these #138
I very much recommend you check out the madame madeline website! It is now my go to site for all my false lash needs.
Stay cute couturettes xxx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


So peeps, it's been a while but I plan to jump back into it and blog more frequently. Sorry I have been away so long!
Today I have a MUA haul for you! MUA is a cosmetics brand from the UK and has had many great reviews from other beauty bloggers alike. I got my inspiration from misstango2, (I just had to get some of the great products she did) she has a great blog and YouTube channel you can read her blog here she also has a shop at where she sells instant beehives, cute jewellery and also clothing.
Here is a piccy of all the products I got!
These products are all available from
My order above came to the total of £47.50 which is equivalent to about $75.00 AUD.

Love Heart Lip Balms (L-R) in Sweet Kiss,Sugar Lips and Kiss Me - How adorable is the packaging?!

Sweet Kiss looks a soft apricot in person but comes of as a great nude on the lips. Sugar Lips is a lovely babydoll barbie pink and kiss me is a red leaning more to the coral side.

As you can see when applied they sheer out quite a bit. Still lovely none the less though. I have to say (without testing out some of the other products yet) these are my stand out favourite. They come off quite sheer when blended into the lips - so no great colour payoff there, a bit to be expected with 'balm' type products. They are creamy, moisturising and have an ok staying power for normal wear without eating or drinking. The have a slight shea butter or vanilla scent when applied , however it doesn't linger and is not overpowering.

Overall Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ out of 5

Can you believe these cuties equate to $3.15 AUD?! Snap them up if you enjoy a balm like me! At the moment if you spend £25 on the MUA website shipping is free.


Blushers (powder) (L-R) in shade 2, shade 3 and shade 4. :( I think shade names are a bit boring personally...

Shade 2 is again a babydoll barbie pink - this would go perfectly with the Sugar Lips balm above! As you can see from the below pic it can build to an intense bright pink.
Shade 3 is an orange peach, it is quite bright and is great for the warmer months.
Shade 4 would match back well with the kiss me balm, this one definitely leans towards more of a true coral, again great for spring/summer!

With the coral and orange/peach shades if you have a lighter complexion I would be careful to start with minimal product on your brush with a light hand and you don't want to come off to orange or red on the face otherwise it would look like you were off to a fancy dress as a doll or mad hatter...hehe

These were  £1, which is about $1.60 AUD. Sooooo in expensive!

They were creamy to blend, however quite chalky with lots of crumminess in the pan. On the other hand they have great pigmentation and payoff. MUA has a few colours to select from that are all on trend.

Overall Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ out of 5

I'm now actually quite keen to try their Blush Perfection Cream Blusher, however the colour range is fairly limited.


Nail Constellations in Gemini, Libra and Leo - I think Leo is my fav.

These were £3 each. These give the effect of caviar balls/beads sitting on top of the nails. Please see 3rd pic below on my nail....
You basically paint you nail in any chosen varnish/polish colour (as it doesn't really show through), then put your hand in a small box (to catch beads) and pour on wet nails - I strongly suggest doing this one nail at a time.
 The beads will stick to your tacky nails. After you are satisfied with how many beads are on each nail gently press the beads into the wet polish. You can take the little pouring funnel off and flip it upside down (with the cap off) to pour all your loose remaining beads back into the tube from the box.

Here is a video that is on the MUA website and Youtube that demonstrates how to apply.

 Below you will see the whole range that is available in the nail constellation range from MUA

I got the nail constellations (L-R) Gemini - which is light pink, blue and silver beads, Libra- which is predominately black with not even a 1/4 of blue beads (great for an evening look) and Leo - which is half purple and half blue beads.

Here below, I have applied Leo to my index finger nail, over the top of OPI My Boyfriend
Scales Walls.
To be completely honest I don't think this product is what it's hyped up to be, while the effect looks really cool and they colours to choose from are great, its not a long lasting product.
I put this on one afternoon and a few hours later the beads had all nearly fallen/knocked off. You could seal it with a clear polish or varnish but the beads will lose their 'raised' effect off the nail and well really defeat the purpose of it.
Another sore point for me was ease of application - the little funnel tube was hopeless it was like I was shaking a pancake batter to get the beads out. As the funnel was plastic too there must be some static that the beads are attracted too, as they kept sticking to the inside of the plastic tube and not wanting to come out. AHHH!

My verdict is, these should be only for very temporary use only, similar to party nails.
I will have to be very bored before I get these out again!

Overall Rating: ❤ out of 5


Primer -  was £4

I haven't really road tested this one extensively yet, however first impression is that it smooths out the appearance of pores. I'll keep you updated on the progress of this one.


Nail Varnish 

(L-R) Shade 12 medium purple with a hint of pink, 18 light sheer pink and 5 minty green/aqua. I've done a quick test run on these too and they seem to go on well. These were £1 each. The only gripe I have about these, is the little brush casing that holds the paint brush in my favourite, shade 12, had cracked and wouldn't hold the brush, so I had to tape it around to hold it in place! Will have to keep you posted on how I'm enjoying these too.


Pro Brow Kit

This was £3. I used this kit twice and from those times, I think it's great. I think this would suit a wide variety of complexions and hair colours. I have ombre hair at the moment with a light brown colour at the top and blonde ends (I am naturally a dark ash blonde colour), I have dark blonde eyebrows and I find the smallest amount of the dark colour on the top left and generous amounts of the top right neutral brown fills my brows in great. The right bottom white pan you can see is a gel/wax to tame those wild brow hairs that just won't behave to shape them so they are perfect.
It comes with a mini pair of slanted tweezers (which are a bit stiff) but ok to use and also a mini double ended angled brow brush.

Overall Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of 5


Individual Pearl Eyeshadows
(L-R) Shades I got are shade 12, 11, 27, 4 and 24.
Shade 12: Is so unusual, it looks like a dark bluey grey with petrol slick iridescence to it when swatched heavily and in the pan, however when blended out it goes to a warm brown! Strangest colour I have ever encountered.
Shade 11: Is a warm shimmery brown, which comes off a a nice, almost bronze when built up - It's funny both 11 and 12 are quite similar to each other when blended out.
Shade 27: This is a beautiful gold when built up or blended. It is quite complimentary of my skin tone which is light - medium. The only set back with this one was I found it a bit flakey to apply with lots of fallout.

Shade 4: Is a pretty. girlie, pastel lilac colour, which is one of the colours on trend for this summer. What a fun colour to use! My fav colour is purple, but alas, I rarely use it on my eyes. CON - this is really sheer and you really have to build it up for depth of colour.
Shade 24: This is a gorgeous copper cranberry shimmer (which doesn't show up too well in my swatch). I have really loved this colour since I purchased the Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in 'Pomegranate Punk' in winter (SIDE NOTE: I just noticed that my lid on Pomegranate Punk reads Audacious Asphalt - which is a colour I also have, put the pot clearly made it out with the wrong lid on! haha). Again the same as shade, you have to work with it for knockout depth of colour. 
Overall Rating: out of 5
Sorry to be a downer, but I wouldn't purchase these again. My products have to work hard for me, not the other way around!


Last but not least the Immaculate Collections Palette £8
You get a whopping 24 shades for that price which I think is very affordable.
As you can see below there is a good variety of warm, cools, brights, pastels and neutrals. Most of these shades are pearl or have shimmer.

Admittedly I have not put this bad boy to the test yet but I will soon and let you know how I go with it.
I have two costume parties to go to in the next two months so I should get a good use out of it then. I'm going to an Alice in Wonderland themed garden party as the queen of hearts and also a 1920s party at the times of the speakeasy as a traditional flapper girl - the makeup for this one will be particularly interesting to do! I'll post pics on my instagram which is @mystylecouture

Thanks for tuning in gorgeous, stay cute couturettes! xxx
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