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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fake it til' you make it Lashes!

 Hidy ho couturettes!

Today I have some false lashes to share with you.

I purchased these from the Madame Madeline website which is

They have such a HUGE selection and brand range, which are all so very affordable.

I spent a total of $31.89 AUD and I got a free gift which was an extra pair of the lashes that I ordered which was a great surprise. In addition to this I got an 8% off coupon on my next purchase.

You can see a listing of the range below.

First up I got a 4 pack of the Eylure Katy Perry Lashes, which included;
*1 pair of Cool Kitty
*1 pair of Oh, honey!
*1 pair of Sweetie Pie
*1 pair of Oh, my!
*2 tiny 1g lash adhesive tubes
These were $19.95 AUD. A good bargain considering in Australian stores they retail for $12.99/pair! My favorite have to be the Cool Kitty lashes I wore them only just recently to a fancy dress party as the Queen of Hearts - was lots of fun! I posted a photo on my Instagram check it out below! If you would like to check out more photos or follow me for regular beauty/fashion updates follow me @mystylecouture
I have another 1920s fancy dress coming up so I'm thinking of wearing the crazy Oh, My! lashes - stay tuned to my instagram for a pic of my costume hair and makeup early Nov!
The next brand of lashes I wanted to stock up on were the Red Cherry lashes. These are very very affordable and by the same token quality for the price you pay. I know this is a popular brand among youtubers and beauty gurus alike.
All these sets of Red Cherry lashes were $1.99 AUD.
I have very fair, fine, short lashes naturally so whatever I get do to boost them for special occasion makeup or makeup for a night out is a plus. Personally I prefer demi lashes - which means the lashes graduate from shorter in the inner corner of the eye to longer at the outer corner/edge of the eye. I think this is more flattering for people with smaller lashes. You will see below pics of all the lashes I ordered with all the links to them on the madame madeline website. I ordered numbers 1, 110, 213, 138 and 103. As you can see they are not very full lashes as such, as I think the fuller ones would be a lot less subtle on myself and would look silly! 






See pic below of me wearing these #138
I very much recommend you check out the madame madeline website! It is now my go to site for all my false lash needs.
Stay cute couturettes xxx

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