Tuesday, 13 March 2012

LOVE accessories? This is for YOU

I payed a visit to my favourite accessory shop, LOVISA, the weekend just gone. It’s the kind of shop where you just CAN’T HELP but buy something each time I go in there! I must say the way the way that the shop is merchandised & how everything is colour/STYLE coordinated, just makes collecting a number of GORGEOUS things to pull an outfit together so easy. Also nothing mistakes the CUTE baby pink tissue paper that each item is always wrapped in before it’s popped in the hard paper, slightly DESIGNER looking bag with little fabric handles. It makes you feel like you have purchased something more LUXE when you get it home & unwrap/show off your GOODIES.
I managed to walk out this time with only purchasing ONE item. Aren’t you proud of my SELF CONTROL? Haha! I bought a SOPHISTICATED pair of gold disc earrings that have a RETRO style to them.

The actual full product name of these is Andr hammered disc state earring RRP AU$7.99. These earrings are lead free & are approx. 32mm in diameter.
Lovisa don’t currently have facilities to shop online, however they have many retail stores in the major shopping centres in Australia.  Lovisa have a store listing, collections, a ‘style box’ & style blog with tips on matching items together & trend guides on their website www.lovisa.com.au
I’ve also put in some style shots that Lovisa use in their advertising, just you an idea of other BEAUTIFUL pieces they have.

I’m hoping to post some pics of my own JEWELLERY collection soon... stay tuned J
Thanks for stopping by guys xx

Monday, 12 March 2012

Beauty Subscriptions

I don’t know how many of you out there have subscriptions to beauty boxes (I know they vary from UK, US & AUS).  Just an insight to those who have not heard of these before; they are beauty subscriptions where basically you get a box of new sample sized (& sometimes even full sized) beauty products that are on the market for a small price, to road test them in the comfort of your own home without the overwhelming range of products to choose from & without the financial commitment of purchasing a full priced product – because what happens if you don’t like it? You can’t always return it for a refund.

I subscribe to both Lust Have It! http://www.lusthaveit.com.au/join.html & GlossyBox http://www.glossybox.com.au/, these are both $14.95 each/month. There is no commitment on a month to month basis with these, but you can buy 6 monthly & annual subscriptions.

I have so far received both a box for February & March from Lust Have It! & I must say I’m quite impressed already.  What I really like about Lust Have It! is the fact that most of their products are Australian made or owned. I think everyone should be exposed to really great products that are locally made.

One of the items that came in my March Lust Have It! box was the Mirenesse Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadow in 4. Akoya Pearls. It is a Long Wear Wet & Dry 3D Mineral Shadow & I have been using it as my everyday & evening smoky eye colour since I received it & I absolutely adore it!

I love the golden & bronzed tones as these match back best with making my blue-green eyes pop more blue & I also feel this colour trio palette is more versatile when going for an everyday natural look.

All of the Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadows are formulated to stay exactly where you apply them & on nights out they definitely stay in place without any primer, this is great for all you ladies out there with more oily skin or those of you that are that little bit more oily in the eye area – which is me. My eye area is particularly sensitive too & I have had no irritations which is a great plus. I have only used these shadows dry; however you can apply them wet for a more dramatic eye.

Please see some swatches below of the 4. Akoya Pearls Trio Palette. These shadows are lovely & pigmented with shimmer but not too shimmery - i don't like alot of shimmer. I took two shots of swatches as the 1st doesn't do them justice!


                                                                        FLASH ON

This palette & many other Mirenesse products are available online at http://www.mirenesse.com/

Stay glamorous dolls xx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Dress Purchase

So I thought I would start with a fashion piece I purchased last week. I went into a Supre factory outlet to shop around for my little sister's birthday, as she is turning 14 this Friday. Surprisingly I picked 3 pieces that I liked myself. Supre isn't normally a 'go to' shop for me as it's normally pretty skimpy clothing, not much 'bang for your buck' in the fact normally the quality doesn't match back for what you pay for & also that I'm quite tall & an average size 14 - which they normally don't really accommodate for at all.

The piece that I was most impressed with was a nude/light apricot mini dress that I guess I can describe as a swing dress as it just falls from the neckline down. I wore this dress on the weekend with black tights & a taupe coloured cardigan as the weather was a bit cooler.

& here it is....

Monday, 5 March 2012

Hand Me The Scissors


I guess you could say this is me cutting the ribbon to my very first blog.  I have decided to start this blog to basically share many things in my world that I’m in LUST with. I’m hoping to share my obsession with fashion including shoes, clothing, accessories, trends, recent purchases & reviews, outfit of the day & outfits that I wear when I go out. Another new lust of mine is all things beauty, so I will be able to also share new product purchases, show you products that I get as part of my subscriptions, product reviews & ‘a few of my favourite things’ which will be my favourite products of the month/or that present time.

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve so I will also be posting about things I LOVE in my life, but most importantly also the people that I hold dear....and yes, ‘people’ includes pets as my dog Lucy thinks she is a person & as she has me wrapped around her paw, I treat her like one!

Lastly, I like to think I’m quite the comedian so I will be definitely be trying to make you laugh or at least smile with some funny personal stories or jokes.... so I hope you find my blogs as entertaining as it will be for me.

Ciao xx