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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

LOVE accessories? This is for YOU

I payed a visit to my favourite accessory shop, LOVISA, the weekend just gone. It’s the kind of shop where you just CAN’T HELP but buy something each time I go in there! I must say the way the way that the shop is merchandised & how everything is colour/STYLE coordinated, just makes collecting a number of GORGEOUS things to pull an outfit together so easy. Also nothing mistakes the CUTE baby pink tissue paper that each item is always wrapped in before it’s popped in the hard paper, slightly DESIGNER looking bag with little fabric handles. It makes you feel like you have purchased something more LUXE when you get it home & unwrap/show off your GOODIES.
I managed to walk out this time with only purchasing ONE item. Aren’t you proud of my SELF CONTROL? Haha! I bought a SOPHISTICATED pair of gold disc earrings that have a RETRO style to them.

The actual full product name of these is Andr hammered disc state earring RRP AU$7.99. These earrings are lead free & are approx. 32mm in diameter.
Lovisa don’t currently have facilities to shop online, however they have many retail stores in the major shopping centres in Australia.  Lovisa have a store listing, collections, a ‘style box’ & style blog with tips on matching items together & trend guides on their website
I’ve also put in some style shots that Lovisa use in their advertising, just you an idea of other BEAUTIFUL pieces they have.

I’m hoping to post some pics of my own JEWELLERY collection soon... stay tuned J
Thanks for stopping by guys xx

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